Project Grove Demo Patch 1.02 Notes

In the lead up to our  Kickstarter campaign, we're going to be doing as many updates as we can to make sure you get the best experience of Project Grove possible. Once we launch on Kickstarter, the team will continuing working hard to update the demo and fixes are likely to be released in major updates. 

Updates in Project Grove Demo 1.02


  • Option screen background  closes completely in Main Menu
  • Mouse no longer vanishes in Menus when pressed and camera stays still in Menus
  • Clicking on the text of a shortcut 
  • Service Analysis item is not affected by using Shortcuts, however at this stage we recommend not using Shortcuts to go backwards
  • Improvements to conversation system and fewer unwanted interruptions 
  •  Menus can now only be used by Mouse and Controller
  •  Motion blur settings are now retained between maps


  • New cutscene after completing the Caves
  • New Loading screen


Project Grove Demo 1.06 1 GB
Version 5 Jan 23, 2020

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