New Demo Ending

To celebrate hitting 20% of our Kickstarter funding goal, we're releasing a new ending to the free demo!

So many of you have reached out saying how much you loved the demo and puzzles but the ending didn't give you the best feeling. We've listened and discussed how we could give you a better ending.

What better way to complete the Project Grove demo than by using your first Potion?! You've collected the Flora Magika, now use your first Potion, solve extra puzzles and add two brand new collectables to your collection!

We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new ending and see your Let's Plays. Please let us know any feedback you have so we can continue improving.


Project Grove Demo 1.06 1 GB
Version 13 Feb 06, 2020

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did you guys know about the crash that happens when you fall from where the plant barrier is into the water below?

It crashes the game, this happened during my recording. I just thought I'd let you guys know 

Thank you for letting us know! Could you send us the recording please?


sure I get back home on Sunday, I'll post it up then :D