​Project Grove Demo Patch 1.03 Notes

Project Grove Demo Patch 1.03 Notes


  • Breaking Ice audio cue now only plays once
  • Fixed some spelling on item descriptions
  • Added additional checks to prevent Tether bark interrupting conversations
  • ‘Save’ in Pause Menu replaced with restart level
  • Renamed ‘Checkpoint’ to ‘Load Checkpoint’ in pause menu for clarity
  • Health Bar now flashes when losing health
  • Drowning now triggers all the associated damage Post Processing effects
  • Thorn damage reduced
  • New tooltip for balancing key on L-P1N’s head
  • Adjusted Transform and length of tether arm for L-P1N
  • Spring arm added for Edric mesh to add lag to the mesh.


  • New and improved demo ending
  • Lighting improvements
  • Increased performance across whole map
  • Segmented caves into separate loaded level


Project Grove Demo 1.06 1 GB
Version 9 Jan 28, 2020

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