Project Grove is live on Kickstarter! 

Huge thank you to everyone who has played our demo and we hope you'd like to play more. Your feedback has really helped us improve in time for Kickstarter.  

We've got some awesome rewards lined up for Kickstarter Backers including:

  • Kickstarter Extended Demo - Continue your journey into Dacrima
  • Become a previous explorer of Dacrima - Your portrait, name and personal message featured in Project Grove
  • Pick an animal - Choose an animal to live in Dacrima, we've got plenty of environments to pick from
  • Kickstarter Weekly Dev Meetings - Work closely with us to complete Project Grove

Like the sound of those? Check out our Kickstarter ðŸ‘‡

Project Grove Patch 1.03 Notes


  • Breaking Ice audio cue now only plays once
  • Fixed some spelling on item descriptions
  • Added additional checks to prevent Tether bark interrupting conversations
  • ‘Save’ in Pause Menu replaced with restart level
  • Renamed ‘Checkpoint’ to ‘Load Checkpoint’ in pause menu for clarity
  • Health Bar now flashes when losing health
  • Drowning now triggers all the associated damage Post Processing effects
  • Thorn damage reduced
  • New tooltip for balancing key on L-P1N’s head
  • Adjusted Transform and length of tether arm for L-P1N
  • Spring arm added for Edric mesh to add lag to the mesh.


  • New and improved demo ending
  • Lighting improvements
  • Increased performance across whole map
  • Segmented caves into separate loaded level


Project Grove Demo 1.06 1 GB
Version 9 Jan 28, 2020

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